How do I install ProXPN on Linux?

Run proXPN Application on Linux

The following steps have been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 to 17.04.

On Cent OS or Red Hat Linux, you will need to use yum to install openvpn, then run openvpn from command line, such as: sudo openvpn proxpn.ovpn

  1. Install openvpn:sudo apt-get install openvpn
    You may need to run: sudo apt-get -f install, and then run install openvpn again to make sure dependencies are installed correctly.
  2. Set sticky bit for openvpn:sudo chmod +s /usr/sbin/openvpn
  3. Download proxpn: 32 bit  64 bit
  4. Install proxpn as:sudo dpkg -i proxpn_#.#.#.#_i386.deb
    For 64 bit,
    sudo dpkg -i proxpn_#.#.#.#_amd64.deb
    Replace # with actual version # you have downloaded
  5. Install Qt platform dependencies:cd /opt/proxpn
    sudo ./
  6. Run proXPN:/opt/proxpn/proXPN&


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